AutoDoc Plugins

Here, you can find the latest AutoDoc plugins for manual installation.

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Available Plugins


Manual Installation of Plugins

In case the installation of the plugins via the Plugin Manager in the AutoDoc GUI fails, for example because a Firewall prevents AutoDoc from accessing the internet, this is how you can install the plugins manually.

  1. Download the suitalble ZIP file to your local hard drive.
  2. Locate the folder "plugins" within the AutoDoc program directory and unzip the Plugin files from the downloaded ZIP file.
  3. The content of the AutoDoc plugin folder should look something like this (example from SAS_EG plugin):
                de.enache.AutoDoc.Plugin.SAS_EG.jar        (The plugin itself)
                de.enache.AutoDoc.Plugin.SAS_EG.plug_ini   (The plugin's parameter file)
                Dokumentation.txt                          (The plugin's documentation)
                LICENCE_GPL_V_3_0.txt                      (The plugin's licence)
  4. In case the plugin supports it's own parameters, you may change these in the *.plug_ini file using a text editor.